A recent BBC story provides details about some of the passengers lost in Tuesday’s crash of Ukraine Flight PS752. Much like Iranian Air Flight 655 in 1988 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in 2014, it appears that Flight 752 fell victim to a missile strike. Our thoughts are with those grieving the passengers on the…

“Women of Lockerbie” Reviewed

Reviewing a recent performance of Deborah Brevoort’s play, Women of Lockerbie, critic Matthew Palm writes: There’s a lovely sense of place in “The Women of Lockerbie,” the latest play at Rollins College’s Annie Russell Theatre. You can sense it in the way the characters talk about the Scottish village. His full review is available here.

Karen Lee Hunt, High School Portrait, 1986

Remembrance Videos

This year’s Remembrance Scholars are releasing a series of videos honoring the Syracuse students last on Pan Am 103 and paying homage to Remembrance Scholars in past years. Maddie Buckley, the 2017 Remembrance Scholar representing Karen, recorded the following video: The videos are posted on the group’s Facebook page.

Egypt Air Flight 804

Search crews have located wreckage from Egypt Air Flight 804; though the investigation is in its nascent phase, Egyptian officials believe that the aircraft’s destruction is likely due to terrorist activity. We hold the 66 victims and their loved ones in our thoughts.  


Alicia and I became close friends in the second half of my sophomore year. A theater major from Madrid, Alicia was brilliant, talented, worldly, and sophisticated. I felt more intelligent just for being around her and relished the hours we spent together lost in conversation in her room in Lourdes Hall. Our discussions covered everything…

Malaysia Airlines MH17

Our thoughts are with the families of those lost on Malaysia Airlines MH17 today. Thoughts: July 19. Many of the images from the tragic downing of MH17 bear a disconcerting similarity to those of Pan Am 103 from so many years ago. Once again, an airliner disintegrated in midair; once again, hundreds of innocents became…


I’ve often commented on the sense that I was drawn or pulled into a larger story. I found myself intertwined in the narrative surrounding Pan Am 103 on the evening of the bombing in 1988. It hit too close to home, literally and figuratively, for me to ignore. By the same token, I’m also aware…