Karen Lee Hunt: The original memorial site created by the Hunts and David Kaspersin in the late 1990s. Additionally, the site features Robyn Hunt-Barry’s video tribute to Karen and provides the opportunity for visitors to purchase copies of Richard Newbegin’s “Song for Karen.”

The Karen Lee Hunt Family Collection: Karen’s page on the Syracuse University Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives website. Many of the images of Karen on this site were provided by the Archives.

Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives: The primary Archives website at Syracuse University.

The Remembrance Scholars Program: Site of Syracuse University’s Remembrance Scholars Program. Each year, 35 seniors are selected to keep alive the memory of each of the Syracuse students lost on Pan Am 103.

The Alexia Foundation: Founded by the family of Alexia Tsairis, a talented young woman who aspired to become a photojournalist, the Alexia Foundation aims to support student and professional photojournalists.

Dark Elegy: Suse Lowenstein’s powerful collection of sculptures captures the profound grief experienced by the mothers and wives of the victims.

Victims of Pan Am 103: The largest of the U.S. family groups, Victims of Pan Am 103 continues to shape policy, seek justice, and keep alive the memory of those lost on December 21, 1988.

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